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Fashion Knitwear

As we all know fashion revolves around in certain span of time likewise fashion knitwear have seen a great deal of changes in years. It started as a hobby with one individual in ancient time and now it has emerged as an excellent option for fashion loving people.

Cowl Neck Poncho in 100 Pashmina
Cowl Neck poncho


Modern day luxury knitwear has got luxury feeling with the high quality material used.  Likewise, good design and style with modern day touch with the use of design software has threefold the fashion. These fashions are also exceptional from the viewer’s point of view.


Colored pashmina yarn from China
Pashmina cone yarn from consignee china


The modern day fashion knitwear especially luxury knitwear are made of high quality raw material such as Cashmere and merino wool. The raw materials are manufactured in china and India. This knitwear has got different showcase with superb feeling and style. They are also different in perspective.


With the introduction of high quality fiber, the luxury knitwear has got the significant turn. The knitwear got very popular among many due to its lightness, warm soft feeling and moisture resistant properties.  Nations like Europe, America and Canada are the major markets for these luxury knitwear. Due to it’s heat resistant properties it can be worn during the summer season as well and it doesn’t become soiled frequently if one wear causally as well.

We can also see from different examples on how the classic knitwear garments are replaced by the luxury fine knitwear.  These changes are seen as such from the sifting in the process that involve circular knitting to hand flat knitting machine to fully computerized machine .Now with the seamless knitting golfers can  swing freely without having any trouble with the elasticity. Also it holds it’s stability and shape for length of time.

Image result for cixing flat knitting machine

In addition to this with modern day techniques and finishing of the fabrics, the life of the fashion knitwear has definitely become longer. Moreover, it retains the quality of the color itself due to the quality of the dye used such as Swiss dye.





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How To Care of Pashmina To Make It Durable For Its Value !!!

V-Neck Cashemere Poncho in pointel knit

It’s not really hard to take care of Pashmina garments.

With a good wool detergent and wool comber, you can wear it longer.

Just a good storage box can give good care of pashmina.


How To Wash Pashmina Garments?

You can easily wash your garment in the washing machine.

Always choose the laundry program with short washing. Do not wash this in water warmer than 30 degrees.

Use wool detergent. Do not centrifuge the garment. You can also wash by hand.

Never wash or rinse the garment under running water. Just soak it in cold water below 30 degrees.

Use special wool detergent. Make sure not to wring or stretch the garment.


Drying Process for Pashmina Knitwears:

Always flat dry the garment after washing. You can place the towel underneath the flat surface.

Never stretch the sweater. Never tumble dry or hang dry the garment.


Ironing or Steaming without damaging Pashmina Wears:

It’s always fine to iron the garments. Make sure the temperature is right, max 150 degrees while ironing. It also works fine to steam the garments with a steamer.


Removing stains from pashmina wear ;  

You will need a baby shampoo or light detergent with a bucket of cold water to wash the knitwear.

Never rub it immediately without soaking the material in cold water if the stain is moist.

Soak the sweater around five to seven minutes in a bucket of water with mild soap. This dissolves the dirt component of the p.

Never use the detergent that contains harsh chemicals or bleach as it can damage the piece.

It’s really important to dissolve the detergent into the water fully before soaking the pashmina wear. Undissolved detergent can fade the pashmina wear forever.

If the stain is too hard to remove it’s always good to seek the help of professionals.

After  5-7 minutes of soak wash out the detergent with water carefully. You need to be careful as the weight of the water may distort the texture of the fabric.

After cleaning, hang it in a bar or hanger. The horizontal hanger is ideal if possible.

Never squeeze or twist the pashmina to remove excess water as it may damage the quality of the pashmina wear.


Storage of Pashmina :

Do not hang the garments up for storage. Fold them and storage them in a drawer or storage box. You can put a few cedar balls in the drawer or box to stay away from moths.

Hence, we can maintain the value of pashmina knitwear by taking good care of it following all the above steps.



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Do You Think You Bought an Original Pashmina, Check This Out !!!

Original Pashmina from Nepal with Chyangra Hologram

We all know Pashmina is the king of fiber. But in the present manufacturing world, you have to be aware of duplicate pashminas. In market, you can find alternatives that look exactly like an original pashmina.


Some people describe it like a cashmere as well. However, cashmere is the form of pashmina with micron above 15.

Now you can be assured with the implementation of the Chyangra hologram Label introduced by Pashmina Association of Nepal. So, there is good control with the quality of pashmina that we use in weaving and knitting.

Pashmina Collection and It’s Quality

Raw pashmina collection is done during the spring season of the year from the Himalayan Goat  “Chyangra”. It is then spun into yarn to weave and knit. In the international market, you can find different qualities of cashmere product containing 100 %, 80%, 50 %, 30%, and 10% pashmina. We can blend it with merino wool as well.

Apart from these qualities, you will find other qualities that look similar to pashmina in current days. They are so-called 100% or 70% pashmina but it could have some mix of wool as well.

You can also find some polyester mix woolen yarn in the market which looks similar to cashmere. These cheaper price local pashminas are actually a fake one.

Moreover, there are also some viscous blend wool or pashminas found in the market. They look similar to pashmina but they are fake.

Pashmina or cashmere products are of different type with style or quality found in the Nepalese market. Water shawl and stole are famous style type which is still popular in the international market.

Likewise, ring shawl and scarves are the other varieties with big sales market around the globe. So we manufacture these cashmere items from quality yarn with perfect finishing.

So, I  suggest our genuine buyer buy the products from a genuine supplier who can provide lab test certificate.

Also, make sure they have a Registration certificate from Pashmina Association of Nepal.

Diamond Knitland is one of the leading pashmina manufacturing company with a lab test certificate for the pashmina. It’s pashmina products has a hologram tag of  “Chyangra Pashmina” from NPIA (Nepal Pashmina Industries Association).

Pashmina Dyeing and Colored Pashmina


Moreover, pashmina buyer needs to be sure about what and how their supplier is using the dyeing process. The pashmina can be dyed either in hanks and with woven or knitted panels.

You can get color cones directly from the big manufacturers of pashmina yarn like Consignee or Novotex from China.

The most commonly used color is black, grey, charcoal, brown, cream, sky blue, baby blue, Terracotta, Apple green and more.

For dyeing commonly found are acid dye which I personally don’t recommend for a pashmina.

Diamond Knitland only use Swiss dye for pashmina products. This particular dye is famous all over the world for its colorfastness and quality. It doesn’t harm to our skin as well and it’s AZO free.

Hence, we recommend our buyers to be aware of duplicate pashmina that you can find in the market. Does your Pashmina give you durability and cozy feeling of original pashmina? Make sure what you are paying for?