Do You Think You Bought an Original Pashmina, Check This Out !!!

We all know Pashmina is the king of fiber. But in the present manufacturing world, you have to be aware of duplicate pashminas. In market, you can find alternatives that look exactly like an original pashmina.

Some people describe it like a cashmere as well. However, cashmere is the form of pashmina with micron above 15.

Now you can be assured with the implementation of the Chyangra hologram Label introduced by Pashmina Association of Nepal. So, there is good control with the quality of pashmina that we use in weaving and knitting.




Pashmina Collection and It’s Quality
Raw pashmina collection is done during the spring season of the year from the Himalayan Goat “Chyangra”. It is then spun into yarn to weave and knit. In the international market, you can find different qualities of cashmere product containing 100 %, 80%, 50 %, 30%, and 10% pashmina. We can blend it with merino wool as well.

Apart from these qualities, you will find other qualities that look similar to pashmina in current days. They are so-called 100% or 70% pashmina but it could have some mix of wool as well.

You can also find some polyester mix woolen yarn in the market which looks similar to cashmere. These cheaper price local pashminas are actually a fake one.

Moreover, there are also some viscous blend wool or pashminas found in the market. They look similar to pashmina but they are fake.

Pashmina or cashmere products are of different type with style or quality found in the Nepalese market. Water shawl and stole are famous style type which is still popular in the international market.
Likewise, ring shawl and scarves are the other varieties with big sales market around the globe. So we manufacture these cashmere items from quality yarn with perfect finishing.

So, I suggest our genuine buyer buy the products from a genuine supplier who can provide lab test certificate.

Also, make sure they have a Registration certificate from Pashmina Association of Nepal.

Diamond Knitland is one of the leading pashmina manufacturing company with a lab test certificate for the pashmina. It’s pashmina products has a hologram tag of “Chyangra Pashmina” from NPIA (Nepal Pashmina Industries Association).

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