How To Care of Pashmina To Make It Durable For Its Value !!!

It’s not really hard to take care of Pashmina garments.

With a good wool detergent and wool comber, you can wear it longer.

Just a good storage box can give good care of pashmina.


How To Wash Pashmina Garments?

You can easily wash your garment in the washing machine.

Always choose the laundry program with short washing. Do not wash this in water warmer than 30 degrees.

Use wool detergent. Do not centrifuge the garment. You can also wash by hand.

Never wash or rinse the garment under running water. Just soak it in cold water below 30 degrees.

Use special wool detergent. Make sure not to wring or stretch the garment.


Drying Process for Pashmina Knitwears:

Always flat dry the garment after washing. You can place the towel underneath the flat surface.

Never stretch the sweater. Never tumble dry or hang dry the garment.


Ironing or Steaming without damaging Pashmina Wears:

It’s always fine to iron the garments. Make sure the temperature is right, max 150 degrees while ironing. It also works fine to steam the garments with a steamer.


Removing stains from pashmina wear ;

You will need a baby shampoo or light detergent with a bucket of cold water to wash the knitwear.

Never rub it immediately without soaking the material in cold water if the stain is moist.

Soak the sweater around five to seven minutes in a bucket of water with mild soap. This dissolves the dirt component of the p.

Never use the detergent that contains harsh chemicals or bleach as it can damage the piece.

It’s really important to dissolve the detergent into the water fully before soaking the pashmina wear. Undissolved detergent can fade the pashmina wear forever.

If the stain is too hard to remove it’s always good to seek the help of professionals.

After 5-7 minutes of soak wash out the detergent with water carefully. You need to be careful as the weight of the water may distort the texture of the fabric.

After cleaning, hang it in a bar or hanger. The horizontal hanger is ideal if possible.

Never squeeze or twist the pashmina to remove excess water as it may damage the quality of the pashmina wear.


Storage of Pashmina :

Do not hang the garments up for storage. Fold them and storage them in a drawer or storage box. You can put a few cedar balls in the drawer or box to stay away from moths.

Hence, we can maintain the value of pashmina knitwear by taking good care of it following all the above steps.

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