Diamond Knitland manufactures knitwears like a sweater, cardigan, hoodie, poncho, shawl, scarf, and asseccories from pashmina and it’s blend.

Diamond Knitland has been using a variety of spinning yarns of different origins like pure pashmina from China and Mongolia, pure sheep wool from Australia, New Zealand and the UK in different microns and counts.

Most of our knitwear’s are made of 100% pashmina or blend below 15 micron and pure sheep merino wool of micron between 24 to 28.


Diamond Knitland is very serious about its quality knitwear so our factory got the well-experienced quality checker. It is more focused on designer clothing as its the competitive advantage for the factory like us that runs a computer knitting machines from knit design software.

We use the International color chart for the color references like Pantone, Chromatone and for solid colors we do tie-dye, space-dye, top-dye and more. We guarantee our dyes are free from azo and colorfastness is an international standard as we use only Swiss Dye.

We can work on any custom color of our customers according to the color codes they choose. We try to match the color 100 percentage but slight variations can be seen in different lots of color dyeing process.

Our factory produces 3gg to 5gg, 7gg to 8gg, 12gg to 14gg fashionable knitwear and jacquard, intarsia, ribs, and cable design that are linked, cut and sewed, mostly hand-knitted and hand operated machine knitted knitwear. These knitwear’s are of unique in design and have got superb finishing with a good look.

Diamond Knitland got computerised flat knitting machines manufactured in China which is the number one brand from there. Basically, it runs through the computer knitting software that rendered its design in the computer and it’s then saved to a pen drive to load it in the machine.

About Us

It was sometime about 3 years back when my aunt first saw the paper advertisement for knitting machine exhibition somewhere near Kathmandu. Hey Biju, there is one pashmina knitwear machine exhibition going on at Naxal, what do you think?

Since we have been manufacturing woolen yarns from the last 23 years we thought this could be the ice breaker to produce finished products from it.

Then together with my father, we went to the knitting machine exhibition, I still remember that was the last day of the exhibition and the last hour. We went there for hurriedly. By the time I was browsing most of the stalls as it was last hour and I miss my dad in the herd.

Oh gosh, when I met him back he already booked for one 3.5gg computerised flat knitting machine as we are specialised in thicker gauge woolen yarn manufacturing. We looked at the knit that it produces in the exhibition and the raw material it uses.

Then the very next day we booked all the team for loading the machine and unloading to our Dhalko factory site. After some days we start the sampling from the machine. Then the real battle began.

The one machine purchase became too costly for us as it has to run with the multiple of other teams like knitting master, designer, technician, and operator together with whole linking and finishing team.

Then we end of buying the other 6 machines, 3 seven gauges and 3 twelve gauges to minimize the cost of production in overall as 1 master can handle the work for the whole team and 1 operator can handle 4 machines easily and same as 1 designer is enough for business.

This is how Diamond Knitland evolved. Since then we have seen ups and down in the production chain and we are still learning a lot. Today we manufacture and export pashmina and wool blend, silk and cotton made knitwear and accessories around the globe.