This is another important part where washing needs to be done with extra care. Firstly the piece is washed in the ezy liquid soap for better wash result. Then it has to under got another wash with the Softner that softens the piece for better feeling. After using softner washing with water shouldn’t be doneRead More


It’s a circular sewing machine in which the machine knits its panels in the seam to seam basis for best finishing look. It’s always advisable to do the thorough check up for any linking holes left in the process.


Mending is the process of repairing the holes made by the knitting machines during knitting and washing. Mending is the skill work as mender needs to give exact knit structure as original for its perfect finishing looks.


Diamond Knitland knit its knitwear in computerized knitting machine that runs according to the design input given by the computer design knitting software called Henquing. Then the computer machine knits the panel automatically and operators check on smooth running of the machine.