Fashion Knitwear

As we all know fashion revolves around in certain span of time likewise fashion knitwear have seen a great deal of changes in years. It started as a hobby with one individual in ancient time and now it has emerged as an excellent option for fashion loving people.

Modern day luxury knitwear has got luxury feeling with the high quality material used. Likewise, good design and style with modern day touch with the use of design software has threefold the fashion. These fashions are also exceptional from the viewer’s point of view.

Pashmina cone yarn from consignee china
Pashmina cone yarn from consignee china

The modern day fashion knitwear especially luxury knitwear are made of high quality raw material such as Cashmere and merino wool. The raw materials are manufactured in china and India. This knitwear has got different showcase with superb feeling and style. They are also different in perspective.


With the introduction of high quality fiber, the luxury knitwear has got the significant turn. The knitwear got very popular among many due to its lightness, warm soft feeling and moisture resistant properties. Nations like Europe, America and Canada are the major markets for these luxury knitwear. Due to it’s heat resistant properties it can be worn during the summer season as well and it doesn’t become soiled frequently if one wear causally as well.

We can also see from different examples on how the classic knitwear garments are replaced by the luxury fine knitwear. These changes are seen as such from the sifting in the process that involve circular knitting to hand flat knitting machine to fully computerized machine .Now with the seamless knitting golfers can swing freely without having any trouble with the elasticity. Also it holds it’s stability and shape for length of time.

In addition to this with modern day techniques and finishing of the fabrics, the life of the fashion knitwear has definitely become longer. Moreover, it retains the quality of the color itself due to the quality of the dye used such as Swiss dye.

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